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How To Copy Protect Web Pages & Online Images

Protecting the text on a web page is possible by using encryption but once displayed in a web browser that text can be saved or copied using nay one of the many methods enabled in most web browsers.

Protecting media and images is even more difficult because that media, whether it be an image or a movie file, will have a unique link to it which is the means of locating it so that can be displayed. Links to media can be protected by encryption and cloaking but only until the page is displayed in a web  browser, after which it can usually be saved and or copied in numerous ways afforded by modern browsers and computers.

Copy protecting web content displayed in a web browser

Once a web page has been downloaded to a visitor's web browser, its content will be on full display and can be copied by using various commands enabled in a web browser and to computers in general, plus they can be copied by using screen capture software. Consequently html encryption and image encryption can no longer protect the content so a method of preventing copy by Printscreen and screen capture is required.

Preventing copy by printscreen and screen capture

There is only one solution, and it's the only solution that works in all web browsers while preventing copy from all screen capture software. CopySafe Web provides protection from all copy and can be used on any web page by simply adding a few lines of html. When a visitor first loads a CopySafe protected web page, if they don't already have the plugin installed they are redirected for download with instructions for proceeding. the CopySafe Web plugin is supported in all Windows web browsers and has been in service globally since 1999 providing copy protection for telecoms, hospitals, governments, the military and many other industries where copying can be critical.

Copy protecting online images

CopySafe Web was originally specially designed to protect images displayed on web pages. Not only does it provide the most effective protection from copy but it also protects the images stored online that are accessible by company staff and/or your web hosting service. The CopySafe Web software imports normal images and encrypts tem for display on web pages. In fact it is the only solution that has ever been able to display encrypted images on web pages. Those encrypted images cannot be used anywhere else and can only be displayed on the web site to which they belong because a domain key gets embedded in the image.

The CopySafe Web plugin is the only means of decrypting the image and reading that key, so if it's found to be on an unauthorised web site then the image does not get shown at all. Another key factor to the security of images encrypted for CopySafe is that while they can be located in a web browser's cache, they are still in encrypted form and therefore useless to any would be pirates.

Copy protecting all other web page media

The addition of even the smallest CopySafe Web image to a web page can apply copy protection to any web page because it is the loading of that encrypted image that invokes the CopySafe plugin. Consequently any web page anywhere can be copy protected and any content including other images, Flash, PDF and video will similarly be protected from printscreen and screen capture. Of course care is needed to ensure that links to that content are carefully obscured and that your protected pages are not accessible to search engines or other spider/site grabbing applications that follow hyperlinks.

Can such copy protection be more secure?

Yes. But only buy using another ArtistScope solution known as the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS). But for most web site operators ASPS may not be feasible as it requires a dedicated server or least a virtual server or one where the operator has admin rights to install software below the site root. ASPS uses a special web browser specially designed to protect content rather than expose it like all other web browser do. If your project involves mission critical content such as exclusive corporate or product information, or online lessons that would affect your livelihood if they were to be redistributed, then you should be using ASPS as there is no other solution that can  provide such absolute copy protection.

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