Copy protect eBooks, PDF and documents.
Copy Protecting eBooks, PDF & Documents The most secure copy protection solutions for documents.

How To Copy Protect eBooks, PDF & Documents

The problem with protecting documents, especially eBooks where authors are too eagre to please everyone regardless of their preferred eBook reader, is that it's not possible to properly protect any document or file when its associated reader has not been designed for copy protection and DRM control, or it has but by its nature can easily be dissembled and exploited.

And that's the way it is with every document reader available today except for CopySafe PDF Reader. When one  looks at all of the available e-reader solutions, one sees a variety of concepts:

- user friendly readers that display simple text
- user friendly readers that can open a variety of file types
- some readers using password protection that can be exploited
- some readers claiming DRM but without copy protection

Of those claiming DRM protection to prevent redistribution, on only has to perform a web search on "remove DRM from eBooks" to realise how useless those solutions really are. And as for copy protection, it is actually non-existent in any of the available e-readers.

Copy protecting generic documents

All documents can be properly copy protected by CopySafe PDF because all documents can either be converted to PDF or they can be scanned to provide an image file.

Copy protecting PDF documents

CopySafe PDF is specially designed for not only providing copy protection of a document's content while being displayed, but it can also employ DRM controls as an option at the time of conversion. The copy protection provided by CopySafe PDF is the most secure and there is no other application that can provide such complete protection from printscreen and all screen capture software.

The same applies to the document rights management (DRM) applied by CopySafe PDF which were specially designed as a more secure alternative to the monkey business evident in alternative solutions. ArtistScope has been providing the most secure solutions for copy protection since 1998 and cannot be associated with anything less. However the other solutions do have a market, but it can't be with anyone serious about protecting their livelihood.

Copy protecting eBooks

When selling eBooks online, authors need to preserve their livelihood by ensuring that their publications and/or tutorials continue to bring in revenue. Delivering eBooks that are neither copy protected nor protected from unauthorised distribution is one sure way to reduce sales because anyone already with a copy of your eBook is free to forward it onto an unlimited number of persons or even sell it as their own.

However by using CopySafe PDF you not only have the most secure copy protection for your eBook content but you also have the opportunity to restrict the use of your eBooks to only those people who pay for them.

For authors creating eBooks with CopySafe PDF ArtistScope provides a free publishing service with everything that an author needs to sell and distribute online. For more information please see the ArtistScope eBook Store.

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