Digital Rights Management (DRM) for eBooks and PDF documents
ArtistScope DRM The total control management solution for document rights and privileges.

ArtistScope Document Rights Management (DRM)

ArtistScope DRM revolutionised document access rights by doing away with conventional methods and beginning with a fresh approach to provide user rights of a document that would not only be more secure, but to also enable total control over precisely who can access and for how.

The ArtistScope DRM solution not only provides the most secure management of access rights to a document but it also enables Total Control in which the author can change or modify a user's permissions, a user group's permissions or a document's access rules, with immediate effect even on documents already downloaded and stored on a user's computer.

ArtistScope DRM is unique and it's most effective. Unlike all other DRM technologies that seemingly can be easily removed, ArtistScope DRM is not exploitable. By now you may see similar methods adopted by other protected document solutions and that's understanbible even if they did claim that it was impossible for two years before they learnt how, and they still claim to be able to protect documents when they can't. But that's enough about the amateurs in the copy protection industry, let's have a look at how ArtistScope DRM can be employed to protect your livelihood.

Originally the ArtistScope DRM solution was designed to protect documents as well as web content. A logged in user could upload all manner of media and depending on its file type, have it converted for display while being copy protected from all manner of copy and save methods. Unfortunately that solution was too sophisticated even for the many developers sent by our competitors to study how things worked, and one wonders how they can get a computer science degree when they can't follow simple instructions. So ArtistScope DRM was lightened to include protection for documents only.

Protecting Documents with DRM

Many use the term DRM (digital rights management) to include copy protection, however as the pioneer of copy protection for the Internet we can tell you that DRM and copy protection are two (2) completely different technologies. Rights management is about a user's rights to access or open an application or document while "copy protection" is about preventing the user from making copies, and as such ArtistScope DRM is about extending the protection of an application or document that is already "copy protected" by applying a layer of protection to prevent unauthorized use.

"Unauthorised use" is what DRM is all about. If WikiPedia says differently it's because they can only get references from existing resources who were misinformed amateurs to begin with. "Unauthorised use" is about someone purchasing a copy of a document, book or tutorial and then either sending it onto friends to use for free or selling it as their own. Either way it's not in an author's best interest and robbing them of their livelihood.

What ArtistScope DRM does for a Document

ArtistScope DRM is a web based solution that manages a user's rights and privileges:
  • Restrict which users or groups can have a right to access
  • Set expiry dates validated by local time or by time server
  • Allow or limit the number of views by a user or group
  • Allow or limit the number of prints by a user or group
  • Allow or limit access by IP number or network
  • Create additional accounts for administrating users and documents
  • Upload and convert almost any type of document

The ArtistScope DRM Portal

The ArtistScope DRM Portal is the server side solution for interpreting requests by the CopySafe PDF Reader when opening protected documents that have been assigned DRM protection. The CopySafe PDF Reader is a self sufficient without any dependencies when viewing documents that are copy protected, but when  DRM is applied the reader will check the DRM Portal for a user's rights, and if they have none then the document won't be opened.

The ArtistScope DRM Portal is available as software that can be purchased for installation on your own server or it can rented as a hosted service.

ArtistScope DRM Portal Software

CopySafe PDF Protector for document conversions, the DRM Portal to provide a control panel and management pages on your web site, and the DLL interface between the portal and the protector software can purchased outright and installed onto any Windows server. With this installation you will be able to provide the same services that ArtistScope provides for its authors, as it is the same software. Further information and pricing for the DRM software can be found here.

Hosted DRM Service

ArtistScope DRM for PDF can also be rented as a hosted service provided by ArtistScope enabling authors to upload and use the server-side version of CopySafe PDF protector to convert and protect documents. Documents thus uploaded have the option of being further protected by DRM controls which can be modified at any time. Further information and pricing for the Hosted DRM Service can be found here.

The ArtistScope eBook Store

All authors using CopySafe to protect their eBooks and documents are eligible to list their those publications for sale in the ArtistScope eBook Store.

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