Protect images and web pages from all save and copy
CopySafe Web Protection The most secure copy protection for web pages and images that can be used everywhere.

CopySafe Web Protection

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OfficeSpecially developed to the stringent requirements of professional artists and financial institutions since 1998, CopySafe Web remains as the most secure image protection solution available today for the copy protection of anything that can be displayed on a web page.

   - Copy protect images and web pages
   - Copy protect financial reports and corporate data
   - Copy protect Flash animations and photo stock
   - Copy protect your intellectual property and livelihood
   - Copy protect all content delivered on the fly
   - Copy protect from all avenues of copy
   - Copy protect from Printscreen and screen capture

Image encryption

Stop image theft from all avenues. CopySafe Web is the only solution possible for displaying an encrypted image on a web page that will protected after download to your visitor's computer. CopySafe Web images use Domain Lock to ensure that they can only be viewed from your web site. Your images are encrypted using an algorithm of your domain name to ensure that they are locked to your web site. CopySafe Web encrypted images on the server are protected from distribution by your staff including your webmaster.

Protect HTML and page scripts

By displaying a small CopySafe Web encrypted image on any web page, you can make any page capture safe including its contents such as embedded objects, html and scripts. Prevent image piracy and plagiarism by adding a few lines of code to your html.

Producing protected content

CopySafe Web can be employed in any existing web solution. It can be delivered on the fly using ASP, CFM, CGI, PHP, etc and in any environment including Microsoft Sharepoint and others. Perfect for online surveys, shopping carts, e-commerce and banking.

Database integration

CopySafe Web is specially optimised for database delivery (delivering images on the fly). When loading applets on the fly you usually need more parameters than just the image name, making database input cumbersome. Ordinarily you at least need image name, width and height as the bare essentials. However CopySafe Web renames the images to include the applet's width and height . It also includes the encryption class, enabling you to mix Secure Image encrypted files with CopySafe Web encrypted images in the same folder.

Access control options

Different levels of copy protection can be assigned to individual pages for enable/disable menus, keyboard, capture and more.  With CopySafe Web your web page designer can nominate to allow/disallow access according to platform/browser type and apply different levels of security to individual or all web pages for the allow/disallow use of print, keyboard, menu and toolbar options.

Digital Rights Management

The CopySafe Web fully supports Digital Rights Management (DRM) for the total control of access rights and permissions to web pages published via the ArtistScope Digital Rights Management solution.

More information

CopySafe Web Demos - online demos displaying a variety of content and media

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