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How To Copy Protect Email & Web Messages

Messages sent and received using most mail clients like Outlook and Eudora were never designed to be secure. They have been designed for easy access by all sorts of readers and include special tracking codes that tie senders, recipients and their routes together. These tracking codes are utilized by services to trace messages between targets, and also enable authorities to identify messages for closer scrutiny.

In this day and age national security services realize the need to screen messages for terrorist tip-offs. They may also be looking for illegal activity and screening all mail for related vernacular. While such espionage has always been going on, recently many countries have been passing legislature approving the use of "net snooping" to cover themselves.

Not only does one have to worry about "big brother" but they also need to be aware that industrial espionage has never been easier since everyone has been using the Internet for communication. Messages sent between email client and server may be encrypted but they are not secure because the key for decryption travels with the message. And then on each end of a chain is a copy of the message that even when deleted still remains as evidence on the hard drives.

CopySafe Mail prevents all such access to your messages.

How is CopySafe Mail more secure?

With CopySafe Mail messages and their attachments can be only be viewed while they are active, and only while using the ASPS Web Reader. At the end of a session and/or after deletion, messages cannot be retrieved from either the server or your computer and there is no evidence trail, not even in cache. Nor can messages be retrieved by intercepting them in transit because they are protected by proprietary encryption that is unknown to all spies. Attachments such as images, documents and video can only be viewed while reading the message that contains them. Such attachments cannot be saved, printed, copied or forwarded onto other people.

What options are available to the sender of a message?

A CopySafe Mail sender can assign preferences that will apply to all recipients of that message. The following options can be varied by clicking a checkbox:
  • Insist that the message can only be viewed while using the ASPS Web Reader
  • Insist that the message be viewed from the computer registered to the recipient's account
  • Insist that access to view a message is only given to real computers (not a virtual connection)
  • Prevent printing
  • Request that the server delete the message after it has been read
  • Request that a receipt be sent by email when the recipient views the message
  • Set priority as URGENT for immediate attention
  • Set an expiry date after which the message cannot be opened.

What options are available to the recipient of a message?

CopySafe Mail recipients can only read a message, and reply if so desired. What they see is "for their eyes only" with no opportunity to undermine the confidentiality of a message other than by mouth.

How are messages for my eyes only?

CopySafe Mail messages sent to your account are not only protected by username and password, but they may also be protected by machine locking (DRM) which is an option available to the sender. If the sender requires DRM then a recipient can only open the message from the computer that has been assigned to and validated against their CopySafe Mail account.

What if some one knows my password?

When DRM is applied to a CopySafe Mail message, the recipient will needs than the username and password because they also need to use the computer registered for the account, and while they may be able to access your details and change passwords, they cannot change the computer identity assigned to your account. The only person who can change your computer identity is you, the person who originally assigned a secret question and answer for the challenge response that is required for such a change.

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