Copy protect Flash and videos displayed online.
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How To Copy Protect Flash & Video Displayed Online

Preventing pirates from stealing your livelihood has never been easy, especially when there are so many helper applications available for doing just that. The biggest markets for Internet sales are catering for monkey-brains and the people catering for those markets will stop at nothing to profit. Laws and ethics are no protection and most solutions for protecting online media can be exploited, especially when web browser makers are more interested in winning a popularity contest judged by a public who wants the right to pirate.

Flash has become a most popular medium and while sensible web developers used to refrain from using Flash due to the large file sizes and the fact that most people didn't have the plugin, today through the promotion of free video services like YouTube, the world has been become Flash mad. Why anyone would want to upload a properly made ASF or WMV video to have it converted to Flash at 5 times the original file size is baffling, but the craze is here to stay and there are more and more tools becoming available for making and editing Flash. So too are the tools for pirating Flash becoming more numerous and also more clever.

Protecting Flash with encryption and domain lock

Some software has been available for encrypting (obfuscating) Flash and applying a domain lock. Unfortunately the Flash media is prone to exploitation and because any encryption/decryption routines require that the key be inside the file, these processes have not been secure. To make things worse, after going to all that trouble the Flash can be easily screen recorded or screen captured by a number of tools, many of which can be used for free.

Protecting Flash from Printscreen

Flash used to include functions for preventing Printscreen but that option was soon removed when it was realised that it only worked in Internet Explorer which these days is only used on Windows computers. Some software developers still use similar functions claiming that their software provides Printscreen protection when in actual fact they are merely preying on newbies who don't realise that people use many different types of web browser, and not just IE.

Protecting Flash from screen capture and recording

However there is software for preventing Printscreen and screen capture, and it can be applied to any web page. It is known as CopySafe Web and it has been around since 1999. But how it is applied can govern how secure the content can be. CopySafe Web was originally designed for displaying encrypted images and protecting them from all copy and and save. But the process of using a small encrypted image on any web page to invoke the copy protection provided by its web plugin enables one to easily add copy protection to any page, preventing the copy and screen capture of anything displayed on that page... including Flash media.

To properly secure Flash with CopySafe Web the Flash media should be streamed from a media server and not delivered from a static file. Also, care needs to paid to ensure that site spiders and grabbers cannot simply explore the hyperlinks in your web site to build a list of links to your media. For example, if you want to copy protect web pages and their content, forget about those pages being searchable by search engines.

Protecting Flash from all hacks and exploits!

Now if you want to protect your Flash media without any risk of your content ever being exploited, you can use the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS). ASPS streams encrypted content from the web site to a special web browser that has been specially designed to copy protect web media and not expose it like all of the other web browsers do.

Protecting ASF, AVI, MP4, MPEG & WMV video

The ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) is the most secure solution for all media displayed from web pages. Select pages or an entire web site can be protected without any modification or encryption of content. It's as simple as adding a couple of lines of html to the head tags of any page to be protected.

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